Club Nite Desires PM
Welcome to      Club Nite Desires PM

Who We Are-

We are a down to earth lifestyle group.

Events held on the 1 st Saturday of each month.  Some
special circumstances may cause our parties to change
dates, such as New Years Eve. We are a BYOB, club.
We have mixers, juices, ice and cups, and plenty of
food to snack on. .  We  have door prizes,  and
contests. We will not limit much as far as admittance
unless we are getting out of hand as far as the size of
the building. Our guests must be either a validated
member of one of the sites listed or they must be
accompanied by a validated member. We sometimes
allow singles into our club but you must be  validated  
and be pre approved before  the party. All singles must
RSVP. Clicking on the "count me in" button is not a
RSVP, you must contact us.  We reserves all rights to
refuse admittance. By attending our events, You agree
to follow all of our rules and you agree to waive and
release any and all claims against us.  We will also  be
playing your favorite tunes.